Welcome to to the digital era!

Turn every smart device into a TV

  • Imagine, you could watch LIVE TV on your tablet, smartphone, PC, MAC...
  • Imagine, you will never PAY a monthly fee for that...
  • The FreeView DTV broadcast is Free, why should you PAY to watch what is free?
  • Imagine you get as extra a pocket size wifi router!
  • How much do you think such device could cost? $200 ?
  • Yes, the guys at HDHomerun sell something similar, at hm... surprisingly 4 times! higher price!
  • YES! This small and literally cheap device does it! It converts the free DTV signal from your antenna to IPTV stream. Moreover, the device itself is a WiFI router, so it will broadcast the IPTV stream wirelessly to your home and backyard. You can then watch all Free DTV channels on your smart device

    What is it?

    • this is Do It Yourself (DIY) kit;
    • It consists of 2 independant devices, each one of which is fully functional out of the box.
    • You’ll get pocket WIFI router preinstalled with OpenWRT;
    • You’ll get DVB-T USB Dongle, preconfigured to work with the router;
    • Just Plug the dongle into the router, connect antenna and stream!
    • You don’t need technical skills;
    • you can extend the fetures as you like, it is all opensource;

    Why I think it is useful?

  • For many years now DTV is around, but why nobody offers easy and cheap solution to receive it on your smart device? It is so simple now!
  • You can watch LIVE TV everywhere inside your WIFI reception (yes in the toilet too...)
  • It is still Fully functional OpenWRT wifi router!!!
  • If ou are linux geek, then you can think about let say Rapsberry PI, and similar setup. You can find a lot info around, it is definatelly a gret product, however it costs more too. Example:
  • $35 Rapsperry PI
    $15 Power supply
    $8 Micro SD
    $5 Case
    $10 DTB-T USB Dongle
    $5 Wifi USB Dongle

    The solution

    Plug the TVRouter to your TV outlet, tune your smartfone to your favourite channel and enjoy !