it is flexible, see the supported setup types

Use cases

Before you start

You will need free and working TV Antenna outlet (or use the supplied internal antenna if your reception is really great) and a coaxial cable. If you don’t have free antenna outlet, just use a splitter. I found one at my local dollar store for $2.50: lan connected setup


This is the simpliest possible setup. You just need to connect the device to TV antenna outlet, and the USB cable to USB power port. In this case, you have to connect your smart device to WIFI network tvrouter, and to setup your KODI client to use tvheadend host: Standalone setup Bear in mind, that the device connected to the tvrouter will not be able to connect to internet with the standalone setup.

LAN Connected

You like the above setup, but you want to be internet connected while watching? Easy ! lan connected setup Just connect the WAN port of the TVRouter to your home router.

LAN Advanced Connect

That is my preffered way of using the device. Although the device is powerful enough and capable to be a WIFI router,(In fact it is fully functional OpenWRT) it misses an external WIFI antenna, so the WIFI reception is not the strongest I’ve seen. Recommended setup is:

  • LAN Connected as above;
  • Connect to tvrouter WIFI network. Load a web page at
  • Find the IP address as in the picture: wan ip

Disconnect from TVRouter WIFI, connect to your home WIFI, and setup your KODI client to use that IP address. This is the most stable setup, as it uses LAN to transmit the stream.